• Fireplaces with Boilers

    Fireplaces with Boilers

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  • Fireplaces with Boilers

    Fireplaces with Boilers

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  • Energy Fireplaces - Air Models

    Energy Fireplaces - Air Models

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    Fireplace Inserts

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    Pellet Stoves

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    Pellet Thermostoves

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  • Pellet Boilers

    Pellet Boilers

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    Wood Cookers

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    Wood Thermocookers

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You know us all these years for our highest quality products, including marblegranite and fireplaces, at the lowest prices.

Philippos S. Myrillas & Sons is a company founded in 1989, and has extensive experience as he started his career in the field, placing himself the traditional fireplaces which he first marketed in Lefkimmi.

Nowdays, we have extended our business to supply and install fireplaces, stoves and wood or pellet boilers, manufactured by the best companies in the field (Klover, Lincar, Dovre, La Nordica, Edilkamin, Kratki, Cola, Technical, Ferroli)

In 2006, our business got equipped with ultramodern marble processing machinery, as well as the unique CNC Engraving machine in the area, for creating marble inscriptions and artistic marble processing.

Features of our work:

Professionalism, consistency, quality, reasonable prices and many satisfied customers.

We expect you at our fireplace exhibition, at Ethniki Lefkimmis (Marmaro) in Lefkimmi.


Contact us

Filippos S. Myrillas & Sons

Ethniki Lefkimmis (Marmaro)

49080 Lefkimmi - Corfu

Τel: (0030) 26620 24097

Fax: (0030) 26620 24097


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