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Μάρμαρα-τζάκια Φ. Μυρίλλας (κ Υιοί)

Μάρμαρα-τζάκια Φ. Μυρίλλας (κ Υιοί)

Eurostar Hot Water Storage Tank

Cutting-edge and fully functional products starring in the Greek and international market.

Today, Eurostar Boilers are considered one of the few products in Europe that is utilizing high-standard technological equipment, guaranteeing excellent quality electric water heaters, electric water boilers and solar tanks. The special innovations, functional and flexible designing have helped to rank Eurostar Boilers products first in consumers' preference.

SOLE offers an extensive range of large floor standing boilers, which are produced according to the strictest European standards and specifications.

Eurostar Boilers can be supplied in 7 different sizes -150 to 1000 lt- in single, double or triple energy supply source, in 5 different colors, suitable for apartments, villas, companies or hotels. Water is heated by solar collectors and central heating, or even from electric resistance.

The main advantage of Eurostar Floor Standing Boilers is the ultimate protection of their bodies, which are enamelled by using an advanced double “direct” method, “fired” at 840°C. Consequently, glass covers internally the whole body, providing clean drinking water and hygiene for the whole family.

The preparation and dry cleaning of the internal surface is carried out with modern automatic sand blasting equipment, ensuring the best adhesive results, without using any dangerous chemical substances. Therefore Eurostar water heaters and boilers have a long life span, even when using water with high salt content.

The double endurance and impermeability tests, and the high quality extra thick steel plate guarantee Eurostar’s boiler resistance in high pressures than can reach up to 10 bar.

The environment friendly, high density, ecological polyurethane insulation minimizes the heat loss and maximizes economy in operation, since heat is retained for days.

The large surface of the heat exchangers make Eurostar Boilers extremely fast in producing hot water, whether heated by central heating or solar energy.

The large side flange and the additional top flange of the magnesium anode, permit easier and more efficient cleaning and maintenance of the interior of the boilers.