La Nordica Focolare 60 Piano

The fireplaces LA NORDICA - EXTRAFLAME are made using optimal quality materials, which provide a high thermic performance combined with reduced wood consumption. Model complete with ventilation covering (Optional).

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x H x D) 609 x 985-1085 x 467 mm Primary air Adjustable
Net Weight 125 kg Secondary air Adjustable
Hearth Opening Size 465 x 320 mm Tertiary air Pre-adjusted
Hearth Size 425 x 365 x 285 mm Efficiency 78,6 %
Smoke Outlet Diameter Ø 160 mm Consumption 2,8 kg/h
Hearth material(s) Cast Iron Convection Fan Optional
Heatable Volume 269 m3 Draught ~ 1,4 mm Η2Ο
Nominal Thermal Power 9,4 kW Con. external air aspiration pipe -
Global Thermal Power 12,0 kW