La Nordica Monoblocco 500 Angolo

Thanks to its beautiful design, the fireplace Monoblocco 500 angolo can be perfectly fit in any room. Particulars such as the hearth of cast-iron and ironker, the latching door, the one-piece ceramic glass, make of this built-in fireplace the ideal solution for those people who want to heat their home with a splendid furnishing component.

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x H x D) 547 x 1533-1578 x 574 mm Primary air Adjustable
Net Weight 182 kg Secondary air Adjustable
Hearth Opening Size 380 x 295 mm Tertiary air No
Hearth Size 400 x 625 x 400 mm Efficiency 78,4 %
Smoke Outlet Diameter Ø 180 mm* Hourly consumption 2,3 kg/h
Hearth material(s) Cast iron + Ironker Convection Fan Optional KIT: 6018590
Heatable Volume 229 m3 Draught ~ 1,2 mm Η2Ο
Nominal Thermal Power 10,2 kW Con. external air aspiration pipe Ø 100 mm
Global Thermal Power 12,7 kW    

* ATTENTION! The smoke outlet diameter isn't necessarily the same as the chimney pipe's diameter. Please read the manual, or ask your local technical support center.