La Nordica Monoblocco 750 Piano Ghisa Ironker

Safety, functioning and duration in time of LA NORDICA-EXTRAFLAME monoblocks are guaranteed by the achievement of prestigious European marks. Castironed monoblocks are made using optimal quality materials, an high thermicl performance combined with reduced wood consumption and are an optimal solution for people looking for a pleasant and accurate design, that you can find in version with prismatic glass in one piece. Monoblocco 750 Piano is available in two versions: Ghisa and Ironker with hearth made of cast iron only or Ironker and cast iron, respectively. Their technical characteristics are identical, except from the dimensions.

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x H x D) 846 x 1624-1664 x (G)676 / (Ir)678 mm Primary air Adjustable
Net weight G: 342 kg / Ir: 347 kg Secondary air Adjustable
Hearth opening size (W x H) 650 x 390 mm Tertiary air Pre-adjusted
Hearth size (W x H x D) 630 x 550 x 430 mm Efficiency 78,3 %
Smoke outlet diameter Ø 200 mm* Hourly consumption 3,8 kg/h
Hearth material G: Cast Iron / Ir: Cast Iron + Ironker Convection fan Opt. ΚΙΤ:6018090
Heatable 373 m3 Fan Air Flow 800 m3/h
Nominal thermal power 13,0 kW  Con. external air aspiration pipe Ø100 + Ø50 mm
Global thermal power 16,6 kW  Draught ~ 1,3 mm H2O

* ATTENTION! The smoke outlet diameter isn't necessarily the same as the chimney pipe's diameter. Please read the manual, or ask your local technical support center.