La Nordica Monoblocco 900 Piano

Monoblocco 900 Piano is the most powerful monoblock energy-efficient fireplace of La Nordica. Wide flat door. Hearth in Ironker and cast iron. Ceramic heat-resistant glass door. Low wood consumption.

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x H x D) 1064 x 1548-1593 x 820 mm Primary air Adjustable
Net weight 358 kg Secondary air Adjustable
Hearth opening size (W x H) 810 x 420 mm Tertiary air Pre-adjusted
Hearth size (W x H x D) 755 x 565 x 600 mm Efficiency 78,5 %
Smoke outlet diameter Ø 250 mm Hourly consumption 4,4 kg/h
Hearth material Cast Iron + Ironker Convection fan Optional ΚΙΤ:6018090
Heatable 430 m3 Draught ~ 1,4 mm H2O
Nominal thermal power 15,0 kW  Con. external air aspiration pipe -
Global thermal power 19,1 kW  Fumes exit 250 mm