La Nordica TermoCamino 650 Prismatico

TermoCamino 650 Prismatico is a powerful boiler fireplace, which connected with a heating system, can heat all radiators of your home with the pleasant warmth produced by wood burning. Can be installed with open type expansion vase.

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x H x D) 880 x 1484-1534 x 678 mm Fluid content of boiler 74 lt
Net weight 205 kg Working pressure 1,5 bar
Hearth opening size (W x H) 595 x 430 mm Optimal working temperature 70 oC
Hearth size (W x H x D) 595 x 430 x 420 mm Boiler connections 1'' 1/4 F Gas
Smoke outlet diameter Ø 200 mm Primary air  Adjustable
Hearth material Cast Iron Secondary air Adjustable
Heatable 600 m3 Tertiary air Pre-adjusted
Power given to Water 11,0 kW  Efficiency 73 %
Power given to Room 10,0 kW  Hourly consumption 6,7 kg/h
Nominal thermal power 21,0 kW Draught ~ 1,7-2,0 mm H2O
Global thermal power 29,1 kW Con. external air aspiration pipe -