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Μάρμαρα-τζάκια Φ. Μυρίλλας (κ Υιοί)

Μάρμαρα-τζάκια Φ. Μυρίλλας (κ Υιοί)

New Line Alumin

Cleaning fluid for aluminum


  • Removes difficult deposits.
  • Removes glue residues from tapes.


Effective product for cleaning electrostatically treated aluminum such as windows, shutters, balcony doors. Removes stains from exhaust fumes, water salts and various dry deposits easily and quickly. It also removes adhesive residues from paper tapes, polyurethane tapes, p.v.c as well as residues of polyurethane foam, plastic paints if not more than 2-3 days have passed.