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Μάρμαρα-τζάκια Φ. Μυρίλλας (κ Υιοί)

Μάρμαρα-τζάκια Φ. Μυρίλλας (κ Υιοί)

New Line Rust Converter

Rust converter stabilizer - 500ml


  • Prevents further corrosion by sealing the metal surface.
  • Provides perfect corrosion protection.


Rust converter is a special water-soluble rust stabilizer-converter designed to be used as a metal surface substrate that binds and chemically converts rust, thus avoiding the need for mechanical removal. It turns rust into a healthy hard rust-free surface while healing brittle surfaces. It also has the ability to prevent further corrosion by sealing the metal surface and no longer allows moisture or oxygen to enter by extending its protection time. The special raw materials it contains form a black chemical compound (complex) with the rust and bind it. The product has perfect corrosion protection on rusty iron surfaces, doors, railings, steel, industrial equipment, machinery, agricultural machinery, metal structures, car body shops, ship repairs.