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Μάρμαρα-τζάκια Φ. Μυρίλλας (κ Υιοί)

Μάρμαρα-τζάκια Φ. Μυρίλλας (κ Υιοί)

New Line Tape Remover

Residue cleaner from adhesive tapes


  • Easily removes glue residues from paper tapes, pvc, polyester.


Tape Remover is recommended for cleaning any item that has an adhesive marking or protection tape. Easily removes adhesive residues of detached protective tapes from plastic bathtubs, stainless steel sinks, sinks, porcelain basins, frames and doors, glass, wood, etc. Ideal for removing glue residues that leave paper tapes, polyester strips, PVC that are placed before painting and tapes for fixing carpets and rugs to floors.