La Nordica Focolare 80 Crystal Idro

The elegant Crystal finishes cover a powerful boiler, which connected with the heating system, heats all radiators of your home with the pleasant warmth produced by wood burning. Can be installed with coled type expansion vase, thanks to the D.S.A. system.

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x H x D) 800 x 1192 x 560 mm Fluid content of boiler 20 lt
Net Weight 178 kg Working pressure 3 bar
Hearth Opening Size 635 x 245 mm Optional working temperature  70-75 oC
Hearth Size 590 x 320 x 350 mm Boiler connections 1'' F Gas
Smoke Outlet Diameter Ø 160 mm Primary air Adjustable
Hearth material(s) Cast Iron + Ironker Secondary air Adjustable
Heatable Volume 441 m3 Tertiary air Pre-adjusted
Power given to Water 11,1 kW Efficiency 82,7 %
Power given to Room 4,3 kW Hourly consumption 4,3 kg/h
Nominal thermal power 15,4 kW Draught ~ 1,7-2,0 mm H2O
Global thermal power 18,6 kW Con. external air aspiration pipe -